Take Charge.

Get healthy and happy with better control.

Vitalstrak is designed with one goal - to help chronic disease patients stay healthy and happy. There is no magic formula or crazy schedules to follow - just a simple, easy-to-use program that helps you manage and control your health conditions in a sustainable way. But don't take our word for it. Try Vitalstrak today and feel the difference!


Every Detail Counts.

Create and track your personal health data

You can now manage your medication and 6 health conditions with one single app. Track your medication intake, aches and pain, asthma, blood glucose, blood pressure, fever and weight and record on your mobile device wherever you are.


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Set Reminders.

Stay on track every time.

Set reminders and choose how you would like to be reminded (SMS or Email) when it’s time for your medication, health test and refills. You can also set reminders for adverse health readings and customize reminders with special instructions or action plans.


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Own Your Data.

Collect, Export and Share!

Share your data with family, close friends. Send record to your physician for more personalized and integrated care. Connect to Personal Health Record (PHR) and store your data in the cloud!


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Get Support.

Create a supportive network around you.

With Vitalstrak MyCaregiver you can simply include family and close friends as part of your care network and get the support you need.